What we do

The Wellington Fire Support Unit does many things both on the fire and emergency ground (reactive) and on the proactive side (fire safety awareness).

Reactive work

  • Salvage: Water removal and protection/minimisation of damge to contents and valuable
  • Scene and Emergency Lighting: Internal and external flood lighting
  • Fire scene protection and security
  • Crowd control
  • Evacuation support
  • Victim support
  • Traffic management
  • Transportation
  • Command Unit Support
  • Communications Support
  • First Aid
  • Fire Investigation Support
  • Entry Control Support
  • Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)

Proactive work

  • Fire Safety Promotion

 What we're trained in

  • Personal safety at fire and emergency situations
  • Traffic management
  • First aid and AED
  • Waterways
  • Portable pumps and drafting of water
  • Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)
  • Rural firefighting
  • Fire and non-fire salvage
  • Ladders
  • Scene lighting and generators